Our Competitive Teams

Allstar cheerleading and dance differs from traditional school cheer and dance largely because of its focus on competing. Athletes do not cheer at school games, and many teams could have athletes from across many school districts! Our facility trains athletes in the sport of cheer, with athletes participating in intense training on a weekly basis. Unlike school cheer or dance, most Allstar programs typically have a place for everyone, regardless of skill level. The teams are placed into divisions, which are based upon age, size of the team, gender, and ability level. Coaches will typically train their athletes on individual skills and team components for months before choreographing routines that combine those skills together to be judged against other teams in their division Most athletes train anywhere from 10-12 months throughout the year.


Tiny/Mini Novice

For athletes between the ages 3-6, a great start for young athletes to build a basic foundation and gain half season competition experience.

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Allstar Tiny Prep

Athletes between the ages 5-8 who are in their beginning stages of tumbling and stunting.

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Allstar Youth 1 Elite

Athletes between the ages 5-11 with intermediate basic tumble skills working toward front/back walkovers and more.

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Allstar Junior Elite 2

Athletes between the ages 5-14 who have mastered level one skills in tumbling and are working on front/back handsprings and more. 


Allstar Senior Elite 3

Athletes between the ages 9-16. Advanced skill and tumbling athletes who have mastered their back handspring and tuck.

Courses + Classes

 All opportunities listed below are open to athletes of all ages. All athletes are required to pay an annual $55 registration fee. 1 make up class per session. No session refunds

Tumble Club

Fall 2 Session:
November 27th-December 22nd, 2022

Pre K $65/session 
Beginner-Advanced $80/Session

$55 Annual Registration Fee

*All classes are once weekly


  • Beginner: 5:15pm-6:15pm 

  • Intermediate/Advanced 6:15pm-7:15pm



  • Beginner 6pm-7pm


  • Intermediate/Advanced 6pm-7pm


  • All Levels 1pm-2pm

  • Open Gym 1pm-2pm

Pre-K Tumble Club


Ages: 3-5

Tuesday: 4-4:45 p.m. 

Thursday: 4pm-4:45pm

Sunday:  1-1:45 p.m. 


Private Lessons

Recommended 4 Consecutive Sessions 

30 min/$40 per session
1 hour/$60 per session

Team Tumbling Classes

1 Hour Weekly 

$55/monthly Team tumbling sessions

Open Gym/Play Sessions

Open Gym 1 Hour Sessions | Sundays 1pm-2pm | (ages 6 and up) Polaris

$7 members
$10 nonmembers

Toddler Time $8: Fridays 11am-1pm 

Rent Our Space

Floor Rental for teams:


Birthday Parties:

Basic: $225 (1.5 hours)
Deluxe: $275 (2.5 hours)
Exclusive: $325 (3 hours)